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Category: AI Girlfriend Porn

Features Available
  • This site is built so you can easily navigate and pick the exemplary character to act like your girlfriend.
  • There is also the luxury of picking from various characters and modeling them to your best preference.
  • Access to the Explore section that allows you to pick your character based on gender.
  • Access to real-life experience is achievable by having a real-life conversation on the site.
  • It also allows the exchange of voice notes.
  • There are also regular updates when it comes to content.

Candy Ai is a platform used to create a virtual companion. This is one of the many innovative ways to use artificial intelligence. This site provides a safe space to create an artificial girlfriend based on your taste, whether in appearance or personality. With Candy, the reality is not so far-fetched as you can go about honest conversation on the site. For example, you can request for pictures. Think of what you do in a regular chat with your girlfriend; CandyAI will help you achieve that. However, what makes this site stand out? Let us look at that.


  • It allows you to customize the right partner that suits your taste.
  • It will enable you to have realistic conversations, giving you a taste of reality.
  • A friendly interface that allows for easy navigation.
  • Access to your privacy.



  • There is always the question of how ethical it is psychologically.